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21000 - Újvidék
Vojvode Mišića 1/3

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About us

The objectives of the organization are:


  •  to represent the interests of Hungarian youth of Vojvodina at the national and international levels;
  •  to their culture and strengthen the national identity of Hungarian youth of Vojvodina;
  •  to encourage Hungarian youth of Vojvodina to take on the action and self-organisation;
  •  providing information for Hungarian youth of Vojvodina;
  • supporting the integration of young people in cultural life, contributing to the strengthening of cultural and other relations between the Hungarian youth and youth of other nationalities;
  •  strengthen cooperation between youth and non-governmental organizations of Hungarian youth and youth of other nationalities;
  •  connecting Hungarian youth with youth from foreign countries;
  • providing assistance for EU accession with programs and activities, organised by the Centre;
  • others, like the above objectives.

 In achieving its goals the organisation performs the following tasks:


  • represents the interests of Hungarian youth of Vojvodina at the national and international forums, and other events;
  • organises cultural and entertainment events;
  • organise round tables, trainings, courses and debates;;
  • provides information about competitions, scholarships and other opportunities;
  • organising sports and recreational events;
  • organises the traditional dances and Ethno Camp for youth;;
  • provides opportunities for youth in the form of participation in the EVS ("European Voluntary Service") program;
  • cooperate with national and international youth and non-governmental organisations with similar objectives;
  • other tasks, performed in accordance with the objectives of the organisation.


Member of the Center can become any domestic or foreign individual or legal person (recommended by one member), if he accepts the goals of the organisation and organisation's Statute. Members may be permanent, honorary members and supporters.



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